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H2O Systems

H2O Systems was founded in 2002 and has quickly established itself as a best-in-class supplier of engineered fluid filtration technologies to end users across Canada and The US. Primarily based in Western Canada, the main focus of our company has been in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Environmental markets.

Our cost saving technologies provide customers with integrated solids & hydrocarbon separation technology, engineered to deliver results. The most recent addition to our product line is Ultra & Micro – Fluid Filtration Technology. This is by far the most advanced technology for solids, hydrocarbons, oxidized metals and organic material separation. All of our value added filtration systems are low CAPX/OPEX, fully customizable, rugged in nature and are designed to be hassle free.

Our Mission

We will engineer and deliver the lowest CAPX/OPEX, highest quality fluid filtration systems in Western Canada. We are committed to providing our customers with timely, professional and knowledgeable customer support and service. We pride ourselves on providing engineered solutions, meeting or exceeding our valued customers operational goals & objectives.

The Center for Excellence in Produced Water Management (CEPWM) is a partnership between the University of Wyoming and H2O Systems, through which we provide innovative science and engineering research for application in the oil and gas industry for the purposes of reducing environmental impacts, improving industry process efficiencies, increasing profitability, and enhancing society benefits. We do this with a concentration on three key areas:

1. TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION – We help companies develop technologies and provide baseline data on how those technologies perform.

2. RESOURCE EXTRACTION & EXPLOITATION – Our mission is to develop schemes and technologies to extract these resources, or to concentrate them into forms that can be refined, in economically viable manners.

3. WATER ECONOMICS & BENEFICIAL REUSE – The mission of our research is to determine the cost points where water reuse is a viable option.


Our testing regime allows us to prove performance prior to any large-scale investment and also allows us to gather valuable data to accurately simulate and properly size the equipment requirements for a full-scale installation. Our preferred process is a two-step progression of testing from lab to field.

1. PROOF OF CONCEPT: OFF-SITE BENCH TEST — Customer to supply H2O with water samples for testing at our in-house facilities *equipment & services available in Wyoming / Indiana / Saskatchewan

2.ON-SITE DEMO SYSTEM: On-site pilot tests is the best method for determining process flux and permeate quality as it allows us to assess the system over a prolonged period of time. Pilot testing allows us to assess feed-water variability and membrane & systems performance, providing sufficient data to allow for predictable upscaling of a full-scale system.

Automated surveillance monitoring system, allowing us to monitor & control systems from anywhere in the world 24/7/365.

Highly Automated systems with leading Machine – to – Machine (M2M) messaging protocol for Industrial Internet of Things.

Collects More Data with Less bandwidth compared to competing systems

Preventative & Corrective Maintenance & Repair Service
Off-site Technical Support to remotely diagnose issues and optimize system performance.

Summary about joint collaboration outcome:

The strategic partnership between the CEPWM and H2O Systems brings together expertise in the fundamental sciences and practicing process engineering that are needed to solve the complex issues surrounding effective and sustainable produced water management. From this partnership our team will develop and deploy a series of produced water treatment research demonstration sites that will allow the testing and verification of advanced separation processes for removing organic and inorganic substances from produced waters, while evaluating the economic and practical viability of resource recovery.

Example processes and process components that will be borne and/or enhanced through our partnership include membrane distillation (MD) membranes and modules, a machine learning program based on artificial intelligence (AI) for decentralized water resource recovery systems, electrocoagulation (EC), and integrated oxidation/ceramic membrane filtration systems. Together, the CEPWM and H2O Systems will create a new paradigm for produced water management that is based on environmental sustainability, smart process operation, and efficient resource monetization.

Dept. Civil & Architectural Engineering 1000 E. University Avenue, Laramie, WY 82071
Phone: (307) 766-5446 info@CEPWM.com