CEPMW Membership


Strategic Environmental
Solutions, Inc (SES)

Strategic Environmental Solutions, Inc. (SES) develops and manufactures molecular science tools and technologies for biodefense, energy and water treatment applications. Their mission is to deploy it’s manufactured “Aqua Rift” products and services as new cost effective water treatment methods. SES is advancing sustainable water and energy conservation efforts through their water and nutrient recovery for land conservations and “greening” effects derived from its technology.

Summary about joint collaboration outcome:

SES is working with the CEPWM to further develop its Aqua Rift technology for managing oil and gas produced waters. From this research, we will establish the ability of the Aqua Rift system to disinfect produced waters prior to reinjection without the use of biocides, or other chemicals, while also improving the treatability of the brine solution(s). Beyond our initial focus on produced waters, we will explore the benefits of integrating the Aqua Rift process in municipal water reuse and other water resource recovery applications.

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Phone: (307) 766-5446 info@CEPWM.com