The CEPWM vision is structured around the creation of synergies available to promote sustainable stewardship of produced waters. We share the common goal of providing value to the Oil and Gas industry and others, through our innovative approaches to treatment technologies.

Our research is focused on maximizing value extraction from industrially produced water processing, management, recovery, renewal, and reclamation. We do this through the practical application of benefits such as:

  • Reducing the unit cost of water treatment
  • Reducing the economic burdens of the oil and gas exploitation business
  • Increasing revenue generation (adding new income streams or enhancing existing ones)
  • Creating a trusted collective for natural resource management.

Treatment Technology
Development and Evaluation

We help companies develop technologies, and provide baseline data on how those technologies perform. While produced waters represent a new potential resource, they also face some challenges that currently inhibit it in many cases. These challenges include high salt concentrations, variable production volumes and composition over time, and diffuse sources…


Produced Water Economics
And Beneficial Reuse

The mission of our research is to determine the cost points where water reuse is a viable option. We consider raw water quality, available reuse options, disposal costs, and other factors when determining the value of reuse in any given application. Specific tasks that our group is addressing include…


Resource Extraction
And Exploitation

Produced waters contain a myriad of valuable resources, such as minerals, precious metals, and rare earth elements (REEs) in addition to the water itself. Our mission is to develop schemes and technologies to extract these resources, or to concentrate them into forms that can be refined, in economically viable manners…


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